Lin Na

Mdm Lin Na, born in Singapore in 1951, has a love and passion for calligraphy, painting and art since young. She started her formal art education under the tutelage of 2 renowned artists. The first is Singaporean artist Mr. Nai Swee Leng, from whom she learnt freehand renditions of flowers and birds using traditional Chinese ink painting techniques. The second is Chinese artist Prof. Wu Yong Liang of the Hangzhou China National Academy of Fine Arts, from whom she learnt Chinese ink landscape painting. Under their guidance, Mdm Lin gradually improved her grasp of traditional Chinese ink painting techniques and sharpened her aesthetics appreciation skills.

She progressed steadily along her journey of artistic creation, and persevered in her artistic endeavours. Her artworks were selected for exhibit at both local and overseas calligraphy and painting exhibitions, with many receiving prestigious awards.


Mdm Lin also had the privilege of receiving the tutelage of renowned calligraphers Mr. Chang Kwang Wee, Mr. Gu Jian Ping and Mr. Koh Mun Hong, to hone her calligraphy skills and to synergise calligraphy and painting techniques in her art.

She is currently a member of the Singapore Mo Lan Association and the Singapore Xiao Tao Calligraphy and Seal Society. Her artworks have also been selected for entry into the Singapore Artists’ Record.


  • 1990 – Participated in the International Calligraphy and Painting Exchange Exhibition, hosted by the Taiwan China Avenue Calligraphy and Painting Association. Her artwork is titled “Reflect on Jinlin”.
  • 1992 & 1993 – Her artworks were selected for entry into the Singapore Artists Record for 2 consecutive years. Her selected artworks are titled “Kelp Play” and “In the Shade of the Wisteria”.
  • 1999, 2000 & 2002 – Participated in the Asia Art Reception Exhibition, organised by the Korean Culture & Art Research Association. Her participating art works are titled “Fishes at Play”, “Jade Pen and Flowers” and “Reflect on Lotus Varec”.
  • 2001 – Participated in the 6th Shanghai and Overseas Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Competition cum Exhibition, and her artwork was awarded a Silver Award. Participated in the Shantou Friendship Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition.
  • 2002 – Participated in the Singapore Japanese Women Art Exhibition. Exhibited “A Morning at the Sakura Bridge” at the Singapore Dan Qing Han Mo Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition. Participated in the 6th International Exhibition of Calligraphy and Painting Aesthetics, with her artwork titled “Towards the Sun”. It was awarded a Gold Award and entered into the organiser’s collection of selected participating artworks.
  • 2003 – Exhibited artwork titled “Interest and Charm” in the Singapore Art Association 10th Anniversary Exhibition.
  • 2002-2004 – Participated in the Korea World Calligraphy Cultural Art Exhibition. The exhibited artworks were awarded a Silver Award and a Bronze Award, and entered into its collection of selected participating artworks.
  • 2004 – Exhibited artwork titled “Bright Glen” in the Singapore Han Mo Xiao Ju Art Exhibition. Participated in the Hangzhou Xiling Seal Society Centennial Celebration Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition, with her art work titled “Flourishing”. Participated in the Singapore International Women’s Art Exhibition, with her artwork titled “Lotus Interest”.
  • 2008 – Exhibited artwork titled “A Cool Evening Breeze” at the Singapore Teochew Shan Tou Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition.
  • 2011 – Held her inaugural individual art exhibition – Tropical Rain, Ink Choreography – at the Hangzhou Henglu Art Gallery. She collaborated with the China Academy of Art Press to publish her artworks in a personal art collection titled “Lin Na’s Chinese Ink Paintings Collection”. Her winning artworks at the Singapore Teochew Calligraphy and Painting Exhibitions were selected for exhibition at various galleries in China on a rotational basis – Liu Hai Su Art Gallery, Tang Yun Art Gallery and the Hou Bei Ren Art Gallery.
  • 2012 – Participated in the Singapore Mo Lan Association “Mo Lan Soaring” Exhibition.
  • 1998-2013 – Participated in the annual Singapore Teochew Association Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition, hosted by the Ngee Ann Cultural Centre. Her artwork titled “A Cool World” was awarded the Excellence Award by the Ngee Ann Cultural Centre Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition, and was subsequently collected by the centre.
  • 2005-2014 – Participated in the annual Singapore Xiao Tao Calligraphy and Seal Society Exhibition. Her artwork titled “Bright Golden Autumn” received an Excellence Award from the society at its 40th Anniversary Memorial Exhibition.
  • 2014 – Held her second individual art exhibition – Journeys in Abstraction at The Art House (1 Old Parliament Lane, Singapore 179429). She published her latest artworks in a personal art collection titled “Journeys in Abstraction”.