Mishell Leong is a multi-passionate life expressionist who loves expressing her joy and love of life in many different ways.

Mishell’s art career kicked off in 2013, when she received her first commission for her official piece of ‘Children Art’ painting. Since then, Mishell has created many paintings for children around the world and each painting is unique and personalised to the child’s favourite things and memories.


As Mishell progressed as a self-taught Artist, her creative journey took her to dabble in various other outlets; from theatre performing – something that she highly enjoyed since she was a child, vlogging on Social Media and her most recent passion project – all things related and connected to being a Woman.

The Sensual Art Collection is a series that was born in 2016 – which showcases a more expressionist approach in Mishell’s style. The series is inspired by Mishell’s personal life journey and inspirations from her own heritage and culture.

Works by Artist